Feeling Calm, Confident and In-Control in the Midst of Chaos

I know this is a beyond-stressful time for all of us physicians! 

These are uncertain times. Living through a global pandemic is something I certainly never expected to be dealing with in 2020. Guessing you didn’t either?


I see and hear all of you. I think so many of us feel like we are about to lose our minds….

I am coaching myself EVERY day on all of this. 

Coaching myself as I go to clinic seeing urgent-only patients. Coaching myself on what is the right choice, the right decision, should I even be seeing patients? Is there even a right choice? Coaching myself as I “shelter in place” here in California. Coaching myself as I go about living my life in this “new normal.” (Disclaimer: I do not like that phrase “new normal” … and I will not be using it.) 

As physicians, we are ALL being confronted daily with difficult decisions:

  • Do we keep seeing patients or close our practice (for those if us in outpatient medicine)?
  • Do we go to work without enough PPE?
  • How do we protect our families from getting sick if we are exposed at work to COVID-19?
  • How do we protect ourselves and our patients?
  • Should we feel guilty if we aren’t working or volunteering our time? If we are home either caring for ourselves and families, or maybe home sick ourselves?

Many of us feel guilty for not doing enough. Or we are anxious and overwhelmed by what is coming.

One of my clients described this feeling of “impending doom” that she feels while waiting to COVID-19 to really “hit” her hospital.

I could totally relate. Every day I am dealing with feelings of anxiety, fear, and overwhelm. As well as sometimes feeling restless and bored and then guilty that I am lucky enough to feel bored.

Sounds familiar??

This is normal and common. And every day I coach myself into a better space of feeling calmer and more confident and in control.

What are YOU feeling? How are YOU doing?

It is possible to feel better RIGHT NOW. Even in the middle of a pandemic.

And what’s more – choosing to feel something other than fear, anxiety, worry, overwhelm – or whatever stressful emotions you are feeling right now – is actually HELPFUL.

Just notice how you show up in your life, your job, with your family, when you are afraid or worried or overwhelmed? Probably not the best of you, right? And that is totally fine to be experiencing. 100%.

But what if you could shift things for yourself? What if you could find a place inside yourself where you feel calmer, confident, and more sure of yourself? How might that change how you are showing up in these challenges times?

That is what coaching and self-coaching can do. It’s simply noticing how what you are thinking is serving or not serving you – and offering some alternative perspectives. No affirmations, no mantras, no woo-woo … just finding a better and truer way of seeing the facts of your life and then deciding “so now what”

Join me and other physicians (all MDs or DOs welcome) in weekly group coaching calls and a private Facebook group.

I can help. 

I can help YOU.


I am offering a FREE 4 week group coaching program for any physician who wants to go from stress, fear, and overwhelm, to feeling more calm, confident, and in-charge. 



I can help you feel better. Right now. During the pandemic. With whatever you are dealing with: work, home, family, illness, colleagues, patients, not enough PPE.

We start on April 1st. 

I’d love to have you join.



PS – Open to all physicians, MD or DO. All group coaching sessions will be via Zoom (only need cell phone or internet), and I will also provide online coaching weekly in our private Facebook group. The calls will be recorded and the audio posted so you can listen if you can’t make the call live.

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