What Have You Stopped Wanting?

As a coach, I ask people what they want. Some people know. A lot of people don’t know. Some people have stopped wanting altogether. If you don’t know what you want—how will you ever get it? What have you stopped wanting? Or what have you given up on ever getting?

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Why You Can’t Be Anyone You Want to Be

Does this blog post title bother you? Do you instinctively say—as I did—Yes I can! I CAN be anyone I want to be! When I say that, I feel like a child insisting on being right, on having things my way. This idea is inspired by a passage and a quote in the book The […]

What is Your Secret Destiny?

I am in the midst of reading Anam Cara, a book of Celtic wisdom, by John O’Donohue. It is at times a bit slow-going for me, as I have to pause and think about what I am reading. This is often a good thing for me! There is so much wisdom and truth in this […]

Coming Home to Yourself

Lately I have been so excited about the beauty and truth in poetry. Little snippets here and there keep landing on me like a cool drop of rain hitting my skin on a hot summer afternoon: unexpected, a quick shiver, a sigh of yes, a feeling of delight. Today the line that struck me is […]

My Four-Leaf Clover

I find a lot of four-leaf clovers. Do you? Here’s a picture of one I found the other day when I was out running. I paused to change my music, saw a bunch of clover and there it was!   Do you want to know the secret to finding four-leaf clovers? You have to believe […]

Telling the Truth

Lots of good thoughts today. Tell the truth. I am thinking about this a lot. Tell the truth. Be honest. To yourself especially. It is so important. Especially telling the truth to myself! Today someone asked about telling the truth being seen as criticism. The truth is not criticism. It is never criticism. It just […]

Gratitude is a Decision

Gratitude is a decision. A choice. That we can make every moment, in any moment. This blew me away. This is a game changer for me. Can I be grateful for everything? In the moment? Knowing that everything happens for me and not to me (that’s a Byron Katie-ism I think). Yes. XO  

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Magic About to Happen

Today I got an email from a new friend with a link to a blog post by Seth Godin.  In Seth’s blog post he discusses choosing to be formidable.  I’ve never wanted to be formidable before – it always seemed a little cold and scary and stiff.  But then Seth goes on to describe formidable […]