Ghost Ships

I’ve lived my life paralyzed by fear of making a wrong decision, choosing the wrong thing. And so I’ve let things go by that I regret. I don’t want to do that anymore.

My think of my life like one ship in a flotilla. There are many other ships sailing past—some of which look a lot more fun. These other ships represent my life if I had made different choices, taken different paths. But these are ghost ships—not my ship.

And I finally realized that every other ship except my own—every other life I think I “might have had if only…”—is an illusion.

I find a lot of peace in this. And I also find the desire and strength to go forward with my own life, and stop wishing to be on some other ghost ship that does not belong to me.

What ghost ships do you have in your life? What would it mean to you to stop wishing for a different past and step forward to fully inhabit the life you do have?