Lava Hawaii

Magic About to Happen

Today I got an email from a new friend with a link to a blog post by Seth Godin.  In Seth’s blog post he discusses choosing to be formidable.  I’ve never wanted to be formidable before – it always seemed a little cold and scary and stiff.  But then Seth goes on to describe formidable as:

“Someone to be reckoned with. Not someone with all the answers, because no one has all the answers. No, we want someone who is magic about to happen.”

Yes!  That is wonderful.  That feels juicy and exciting and delicious and joyful!  I feel those words in my body:  magic about to happen!

I am magic about to happen.  Or even more truthfully, I am magic happening!

So are you.  So is the world.  So is everything.  Can you feel it?  Will you let yourself feel it?

Simultaneously AB-SO-LUTELY terrifying and thrilling – just like watching this lava flow in Hawaii from a too-close boat last December!


Lava flowing into sea on Island of Hawaii.


Sunrise over lava fields.

Sunrise over lava fields.


Here’s a professional photo of it—Magic, pure and simple.

Lava flows.

Recent lava flows. From Hawaiian Lava Daily Blog

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