Radical Self-Love

I am tired of being afraid. I know I will always have fears. But after 43 years of life, I am tired of letting my fear decide my life and make the decisions for me.

As a scientist, I am going to run an experiment. For the next 365 days, I am going to make all final decisions BASED NOT ON MY LOGICAL REASONING BRAIN (in spite of its Harvard-trained excellence), but based on what feels authentically and honestly good to me:

what feels fun?
what feels easy?
what feels joyful?
what would I do if I were not afraid?
what would I do if I trusted that everything I want and need is already on its way to me?
what do I want to do simply because I enjoy it?
is this a meaningful way to spend my precious time?

I believe in all of these questions. I believe I can have everything I want. But I have to start making different choices in order to create a different result.

I call this Radical Self-Love. Radical Living. Radical Honesty. Radical Action.

What would you do if you stopped listening to fear and started listening to love?

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