What is Your Secret Destiny?

I am in the midst of reading Anam Cara, a book of Celtic wisdom, by John O’Donohue. It is at times a bit slow-going for me, as I have to pause and think about what I am reading. This is often a good thing for me! There is so much wisdom and truth in this book—I am loving it.

Right now I am almost overwhelmed by this line:

one of the greatest sins is the unlived life

How different is this point of view from how most of us think? How could our lives be different if this were instilled in us from childhood? If you took this idea to heart, how would your life be different?

Each of us has a different dream for our life. Each of us has a secret destiny, one that calls to us, beckoning. We look away, or turn away, for many reasons. Usually fear, disbelief, or even false modesty. We do not believe we can have what we dream of, wonder about, wish for.

What is your secret destiny? Your dream? What would you do today if you started looking at your unlived life as a sin and not as the norm?

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