The Power of Pausing

The power of a brief pause is amazing to me.

When I am getting stressed, or my mind is spinning, or I am starting to rush around or worry about something, I try to catch myself and simply PAUSE.

Just for a moment I stop moving, I close my eyes, I take a deep breath (or three), and I notice what I am feeling and sensing.

Can I feel the ground under my feet or the seat I am sitting on, can I smell anything, what do I hear?

Maybe I open my eyes and just look around me and really see what it surrounding me.  Chances are I have been seeing something but not really noticing.

I might mentally ask myself what am I feeling inside?  What emotions or physical sensations.  I usually notice my shoulders are up around my ears and my hands are clenched.  I relax them consciously and take another deep breath.

I feel so much better.  This is how it feels to switch from fight/flight/freeze mode (sympathetic nervous system) to rest/digest mode (parasympathetic).

Try it.  Go ahead and try.  PAUSE.  It only takes a few seconds but can work wonders for decreasing your stress levels and helping you notice how you are living your life.  If you want to reduce or eliminate your stress, you first have to become aware of it.

If you need help remembering or making it a habit, set a timer or download an app like Good Habit Maker to remind you to pause and check in.

PAUSE.  It can reset your body from panic to peace in just a few seconds.