Thoughts That Used to Run My Life

Coaching is all about transformation. It’s seeing things from a new point-of-view. It’s letting go of beliefs that don’t serve you. It’s learning to dis-believe thoughts you might not even realize (or not want to admit) are running and perhaps ruining your life. It’s INCREDIBLE.

This is a list of some of the thoughts that I no longer believe. I used to believe all of them. And my life reflected that. But I no longer allow them to have power in my life. Because the life I want to create and experience is bigger than these fears and limiting beliefs.


1.  Work isn’t supposed to be fun.

2.  You can’t just do what you want in life.

3.  Work is supposed to be hard.

4.  I can’t afford to only do work I enjoy.

5.  I can’t just quit my job.

6.  I can’t earn money doing what I love.

7.  I’ll feel good about my body once I lose 10 more pounds.

8.  I’m too old to re-create my life, to start over, to start a new career, to get married, to have a family, to fall in love again, etc. This one goes on and on.

9.  I need to be realistic.

10.  I shouldn’t get my hopes up or I’ll just be disappointed.


Do you want to argue with me? Is your mind shouting “Of course you have to be realistic” or “Of course you can’t just do what you want to in life”? Then you’ve just discovered a thought you believe.

How is this thought shaping your life?

How is it making you feel?

What actions are you taking or not taking because of it?

What are some of your thoughts that are running your life? Write them down. Be honest. You don’t have to show anyone else – but you may want to at least begin the process of noticing what you think, what you believe, and how it is creating the experiences you have and the life you are leading. Here are some good ones:

It’s too late for me to ______________.

I’m too old to ___________________.

Work is _______________________.

I have to ______________________.

I can’t ________________________.

Want to change your life? Change your thoughts!

Or contact me and we’ll tackle them together!



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