What Do You Want and Why Do You Want It?

What do you want? This is a great question to ask yourself regularly. It is something many folks never ask themselves, for reasons that include being “too busy” or afraid of the answer or maybe thinking that it doesn’t matter because they aren’t going to get it anyway. I ask coaching clients this all the time. I also hear a lot of “I don’t know.” To which I reply, if you did know, what would your answer be? This is a great way to short-circuit the “I don’t know” answer.

However, an even better question I think than “what do you want” is the follow-up question, “why do you want that?” The answer – after a lot of digging – is usually because we think that getting or experiencing whatever it is that we want, will make us feel a certain way. It is not the getting that we seek, it is the feeling we want once we get there.

The truth however, is that the feeling is available to us right now. We don’t need to get what we want before we can feel a certain way. Our feelings are a result of what we are thinking. Think better thoughts – feel better now. I am not suggesting you think thoughts that are untrue or that you don’t believe, simply that you choose better-feeling thoughts, and see what happens.

Still want what you want? Then go for it! But feel how you want to feel already!

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