Stop Stressing and Start Thriving

Stop Stressing and Start Thriving

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How many doctors do you know who don’t complain about working too much, being chronically stressed out, and feeling like work/life balance is just not possible as a doctor? Very few. Right?

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. And I can help.

I discovered why we feel stressed, overwhelmed, and anxious. HINT: It’s something I call “Doctor Brain.” It is a combination of our normal human brain, which is wired for negativity, and all of our medical training. It has us looking for danger, looking for problems, feeling stressed out and unhappy. It does not create a life of satisfaction and thriving.

And now I spend my time helping other doctors stress-less and enjoy work – AND LIFE - more.

It is possible to be a doctor and have a career you enjoy and a full and engaging non-work life. If you’re ready to learn how to stop feeling overwhelmed, and stressed out, click below to schedule a free consultation call. We’ll talk about what it would take for you to stop stressing and start thriving, and how coaching can help you get there.

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