Are you a busy, successful physician with a life and career that looks great on paper but doesn’t feel great to you?


Are you tired of feeling stressed and overwhelmed?


Do you just want to enjoy your life as a physician more?


I can help!

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Did you think that once you finished residency, your workload would get easier but instead you are now working more than ever?


Or maybe you are wondering why you aren’t enjoying your medical career after working so hard to achieve it? 


Do you:

  • Resent the demands of your medical career?
  • Feel like there is never enough time to do what YOU want to do?
  • Feel overwhelmed and frustrated that you never seem to have any time left over for yourself after taking care of your patients, colleagues, family, and everyone else?
  • Worry about missing something or secretly doubt your abilities as a physician?
  • Feel under-appreciated and over-worked?
  • Are you tired of dealing with difficult patients who are entitled and demanding?

There is a solution! It is absolutely possible to quit being stressed and unhappy and start enjoying the life and career you’ve worked so hard for. 


I’m a doctor and I’ve been in your shoes. I spent years working and wondering secretly if maybe I had made a mistake becoming a doctor. I wanted to feel less stressed at work, I wanted to enjoy my work more, and create a life that felt like my own, rather than someone else’s life. And I didn’t know how. I coped by telling myself that this is what doctors do: we work hard and, when things get tough, we just work harder.

Sound familiar?

Do you ever wonder why so many doctors are stressed out and unhappy in medicine? Even before COVID?  You’re smart. You’re a doctor. You should be able to figure this out. Right? And then there are some doctors – we all know them – who love what they do. Who seem happy at work and at home. Why are some of us unhappy and stressed out and some of us aren’t?

I’ll tell you why. It’s not because you’re a doctor. It’s not because your patients are too demanding. It’s not because your boss is unreasonable.

It’s because of your brain.

The problem—and the solution—lie in your thinking about work and all the beliefs about how it is “supposed to” be. 

The reason this is such good news is that once you understand why you are the one responsible for creating your stress and your current work and personal life balance (or imbalance), you can change it. And then you really can create a life and career that FEEL GREAT to you and don’t just look great on paper.  

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That’s where I can help.

I am a doctor and a life coach. I specialize in identifying your problem beliefs and thoughts and helping you change them to get the results you want in life.

Results that include:

  • More free time
  • Evenings and weekends free from work
  • Having a thriving medical practice AND a full and satisfying personal life
  • Not feeling guilty when you say no to others’ requests
  • Having time to devote to your own health and well-being
  • Feeling happier and less stressed out
  • Having a successful medical career that fulfills you, rather than depleting you
  • Feeling like YOU are in charge of your life—not your patients, not your family, not your boss, not anyone or anything else—YOU
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If You Know You Want to Work with Me

I am currently:


1. Private 1:1 coaching:
 3 months with 2 calls a month (6 coaching sessions).
 I also include unlimited email or written coaching in between calls and some coaching “homework” based on what we are coaching on. 
 The investment is $3300.00. 
 I offer CME - up to 6 CME AMA PRA Category 1 credits. May make it easier to budget for or get reimbursed. 
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