How (and why) to Transform Any Crisis into a Gift

Mar 20, 2023

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Being able to transform any crisis into a gift is a superskill. The more you develop it, the greater and further reaching the benefits. It may seem strange but it affords us the ability to respond, rather than react. We can learn to not argue with reality. Accepting reality is a path to freedom.

This is not to say that we simply accept everything that happens but we no longer expend emotional energy denying what has already occurred. The use of transformation reallocates our energy to work toward change instead of ruminating on the past. Let’s talk about this powerful mindset shift.

“I would offer that accepting reality is a path to freedom… [And] what if, in every crisis, there are multiple gifts and opportunities that can be found or can be created?” – Dr. Sara Dill

What You’ll Learn 

  • Not arguing with reality
  • You have more than one choice
  • The gift of not doing
  • What accepting doesn’t mean
  • Action of converting crisis
  • What’s the alternative

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