Stress-Less Physician Trailer

Feb 02, 2022
Stress-Less Physician Podcast Sara Dill MD

The Stress-Less Physician Podcast teaches busy practicing physicians how to reduce your stress levels, create a better balance between your medical career and personal life, and have a sustainable and enjoyable clinical practice. Learn how to feel better now while designing a life and medical career that feel good to YOU.

Dr. Sara Dill is an Ivy-League educated, practicing dermatologist who has worked in academics, managed care, private practice, and as a consultant in the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Dill combines her breadth of clinical experience and depth of coaching expertise to help you feel better and discover how improving your wellbeing can be simpler and happen faster than you think.

Using her unique combination of coaching tools, mindfulness, and the latest in the sciences of positive psychology and neurobiology, Dr. Sara Dill will share practical and concrete tools that will have you quickly feeling better and in control of your life and career. To explore if coaching is right for you, visit

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