You may not truly believe it yet – but you REALLY can have a life you love. The longing you feel in your soul, in your heart, in your head, wherever that quiet little voice resides, is a sign that what you want is real and possible! How to make your dreams come true? How to start living a life you love and loving the life you live? The first step is to be honest about what you want and what you don’t want. In any or all areas of your life: work, love, relationships, body, money, family… It’s simple, but not easy to do. Telling yourself the truth about what is and isn’t right about your life can be really difficult, and scary. But it is simply acknowledging the truth you already know but have been afraid to admit. It is uncomfortable, but sometimes we need to get uncomfortable to get “unstuck” and get moving! That’s where I can help: asking questions, helping you spot and change limiting beliefs, teaching you the tools to coach yourself and allow you to continue to follow your own unique path in life.
“What you seek is seeking you.” Rumi

-Sara Dill, MD

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My Mission

I went to medical school to help others, to heal others, to serve others – because to do so makes me feel happy and fulfilled.  Healing others is still my mission, but now I do so in a different way.  For me, coaching is the best way to use my own personal gifts in the service of helping others live their best lives!  I love it!  It involves listening and asking questions which allow you to uncover why you aren’t living life your way, and how to start.

  • To help you stop suffering and open to all that life can be.
  • To ask powerful questions to help you find within yourself, the answers you seek.
  • To dissolve the beliefs that are holding you back from inspired action.
  • To overcome the barriers that prevent you from living your best life – NOW!

My Story


I am a life coach, a writer, a speaker. I’ve been where you are. I used to be lost and unhappy and discontented with life. I kept feeling as if there was so much more out there and I was letting life, my life, pass me by. The life I was leading was a great life – just not great for me! It felt as if I had somehow gotten stuck in someone else’s life, and I didn’t know how to get on my life’s path.

I am here to help!


After a lot of soul-searching, self-coaching, and truth-telling, I am now here to help others find the peace and joy I have found by leading an authentic life that fits me. Is every day pure bliss? No. And that doesn’t sound like much fun to me really. I think whatever you and I are feeling, right now, is perfect. Sometimes I am sad, sometimes I am mad, sometimes I am so happy I feel like I might float away! Mostly I am at ease, at peace, joyful – even when things aren’t going the way I had planned! I am a normal person, just like you, but have tapped into my right life – finally!! And I am here to help you do these same. It is SO worth the work to finally really embrace the life you are seeking.

Being the Best You?


I’d love to hear from you if you want to work one-on-one with me! I offer a 30 minute free initial consultation to see if we are a good fit and am happy to answer any questions you might have. Please also see my additional resources page (listed below) if you are interested in some of the books, blogs, and other resources I have found invaluable in my own journey and path to living a life I LOVE!