The Third Path or How to Grow from adversity

Apr 03, 2023

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There is an uncomfortable type of personal growth known as adversarial growth or post-traumatic growth. While not the way one would choose to grow, it offers opportunity that can be extremely useful and formative. This opportunity can be viewed as three paths, three ways of responding to negative or painful circumstances. One path will take you only in circles, and the second deeper into negativity and despair, but the third leads to resilience and wisdom.

In this episode, I want to explore the idea of this third path or this “falling up”, as it has also been termed. But how do you find it? What are its characteristics? Let’s talk about how we can find and then take the third path and grow from adversity.

“We live in a world where things happen… adversarial events, crises, all sorts of challenging things happen… it’s sort of the nature of life... [But] if you are in a positive sort of mental state, if you feel energized, optimistic, happy, and you’re thriving, you’re way more likely to be able to create the changes you want to.” – Dr. Sara Dill

What You’ll Learn

  • Defining adversarial growth
  • Characteristics of the first path
  • Characteristics of the second path
  • Characteristics of the third path
  • Finding the third path
    • Crisis as opportunity
    • Counterfacts
    • Positive narrative

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The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor

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