Don’t wait until you’re ready

Aug 07, 2023

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It’s been said that if you wait until you “feel” ready, you’ll never act. Of course, this isn’t the case for all people or even every situation but sometimes, there are things we want to do, or we even should do, that we may never really feel totally ready for. But do you have to feel completely ready or can you just get started?

In this episode, I want to explore this idea. What if you don’t wait until you’re ready? What if you move or act in spite of the fear or the uncertainty? Might you feel more ready if you try on the new thought that you can start regardless of your feelings? Let’s talk about it.

“What if you start to believe: I’m ready enough. I don’t need to wait until I’m completely ready. Right? I can start now.” – Dr. Sara Dill

What You’ll Learn

  • What needs to happen
  • Possible to just start
  • Kolbe Action Modes
    • Quick Start
    • Fact Finder
    • Follow-Through
    • Implementer

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